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CalcPaper is the first iPhone/iPod touch version of the classic Calculator with paper roll.

CalcPaper simulates the receipt of paper calculator, and is possible scroll it only one finger.

Thanks to all the people who have buy the 1.1.4 version and sent feedback and encouraged our to continue development.

Here you can see the new version compatible with firmaware 2.0


The first iPhone/iPod Calculator thinked to Left-Hander users.

Skin "Black"

CalcPaper CalcPaper

Skin "White"


Skin "Color"




System requirements

Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone 2.0 Software Update


If you find a bug or have some problem with CalcPaper you can contact: support@ipaguri.com


iIf hold the "C" button for more than 2 seconds deletes all data stored

Use your finger over the paper to scroll it

Use Del to delete your mistake


CalPaper costs $4.99 and is available on the AppStore for your iPhone and iPod Touch


  • Vertical and orizzontal visual orientation
  • Scroll paper
  • Scroll paper background image to
  • 5000 line memorized
  • Left-Hander, this is a new mode with the paper on the right side in the orizontal view
  • Four keys to use a memory setting
  • Thousand separator setting
  • Decimal setting
  • tree skin setting
  • Orienatation sensibility with accelerometer, on or alway vertical alwais orizzontal
  • setting me memory keys
  • big key equal
  • Send your paper roll calculation to email
  • Setting menu in 7 languages
    1. English
    2. Italian
    3. French
    4. Spanish
    5. Deuthsce
    6. Portughese
    7. Dutch
    8. China
  • Function "Delta"

this key calculate the different percentage enter the firs and secon number es: 120 delta 60 = -50

-50 is the percentage (-50%)

60 is 50% of 120

if you calculate:



Dutch translation: Marcel Lievaart



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